Patrol error to process

Good Afternoon,

For the first time I get this error in a patrol:

but on the file, it appears to have the data because the size:

If someone can help me to get the field data, I’ll be thankful.



Hi Bianca

I see there is 2 patrol data. The first ones separate into 7 json file the second ones separate into 4 json file.

Try to import only json file with end name “patrol-0001”, the other json file will importef automaticly.

Lili Sadikin

Thanks @LiliSadikin for your answer with this file didn’t work.



A missing observation or patrol record will stop processing. Open the patrol in Desktop and check # of observation records and the patrol timeline (look at observation counter). If, for example, one patrol observation says 3 and the next says 5, you know there is a missing patrol points.

If NewPatrol is missing copy the stop patrol file from the same patrol and save it to your desktop, open the file, change “stop” to “new” and the observation counter to 1. Upload and process.

If another record is missing: open the file, copy another observation, change patrol type to “ChangePatrol” and the observation counter to the missing digit (last N+1). Upload and process.

Other notes:
-NewPatrol must be first entry
-Waypoints from the same device outside the patrol timeframe cannot be processed
-Has to end with StopPatrol
-All the waypoints have to be timed between the start and end patrol

Hola a todos,

En mi caso cuando importo datos JSON del SMART Mobile me sale estos errores. ¿A qué se debe el error? ¿Hay una forma de recuperar la información?

Agradeceré me puedan ayudar.