Patrol name labels

A recent batch of patrol data downloaded into SMART deksotp (7.5) have been auto labelled in a strange way. The five patrols were all labelled with the same patrol number but with a suffix 001 to 005. They came from different patrol leaders/phones from different parts of our conservation so are not connected to each other as far as we’re concerned. Anyone got any explanation?

Well to date we have opted for the automatic new names and that has been fine. They came in the format: CA-0367, CA-0368, CA-0369. But the latest download it switched to CA-0367-001, CA-0367-002, CA-0367-003. These extra numbers seem superfluous. I don’t know on what basis the 367 number will now click up. Is this number now assigned to the download episode perhaps? In the past, these suffix numbers (001, o02 etc) were used if we split a patrol. I’ve not seen any mention that this is change in name convention with 7.5.

Review the preferences - that’s the make unique option. You can untick that box.

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Thanks Drew. Just discovered that. All back to normal now.