Patrol package appearing incomplete/incorrect on SMART Mobile

Hi there,
I’m having a problem with models exported onto SMART Mobile. I’m using SMART 6.3 and SMART Mobile 385. I export the patrol package as normal and it does so without any error messages and the import upon opening the app is smooth. However, when I was conducting some trials using the model I noticed some of the categories and attributes from my model do not appear how they are on the desktop configurable model - several attributes are missing or doubled or lists are incomplete.
The problem persists despite reinstalling the app (still version 385), checking the configurable model on Desktop, and repeating the export of patrol package process.
Has anyone else been having this problem? Can anyone assist?
Thanks in advance

Hi Lisa,
There are several features that are designed to do this. For example, if you check “Multiple observations” on an attribute, then all subsequent attributes will seem to disappear. However, they are actually multiplied as sub-values under the multiple observation attribute.
Could you check and see if that is the case?

Hi Justin,
It looks like that is indeed the case. Thanks very much. Has they always disappeared like that? It seemed unfamiliar to me compared to my previous use of multi-select on SMART Mobile. Perhaps I just haven’t used it much beyond a game count (following numeric multi-select) situation.
Thanks for your help

Great! Yes, it has always been that way.