Patrols written as Sighting-0001 files when imported from device

Hi SMART community.

I recently copied a batch of patrols from one of our field staff’s devices. The files have been written in a strange format that I have not seen before. When I try and import these files, it gives me an error saying there is no data attached to this file, despite them being 5-10mb each.

The patrols are written as CTDATA_2022-03-31T11_57_35_Sighting-0001 instead of
CTDATA_2024-04-01T07_20_37_Patrol-0001 for example.

I have attached the smallest file here.

Also worth noting is that when I import it once it gives me an error saying there is no data associated with this patrol. However, when I try import it a second time it gives me an error No data can be processed from file. Either file has already been processed and/or the observation counter is not sequential, but I cant find the patrol anywhere in my system.

Any ideas how I can fix this? There are some important data associated with these patrols.

The device has the most recent versions.
Desktop has the most recent version installed.
I am not using SMART connect.

CTDATA_2022-03-30T09_28_12_Sighting-0001.json (22.6 KB)

The file you attached looks like a normal patrol json file to me, and it starts at observation counter #1 which should create a new patrol. Are you sure that file is from a package made on the CA you are trying to load it into?

Are all the “Sightings” named files from 2022 and similar? It’s possible the naming scheme just changed over the last few years.

Edit: Also, ensure your patrol list filter is showing all patrols, it’s possible the file loaded and is not listed if it’s from 2022.