Photo attachments

Hi All
We use SMART CONNECT with our mobile devices and add attachments (Photos) through the mobile smart app and saves a copy in gallery.
Once uploaded to server we download on Desktop side. it shows the attachments but when you open attachment there is a error.

Any ideas what would cause this to happen or has anyone come across this?
And how to rectify without loading photos again from gallery?

Hi Ott,

What version of SMART are you using?
The only time we’ve encountered a bug like this is when patrols were merged. It could be that you merged the patrols and now when you query the data, it cannot locate the image.
We have a fix for this that will come in the next version which is scheduled for release soon. For now, the work around is to locate these patrols, delete the attachments that are there and reupload them. You can then run your query and the images will load accordingly.


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That makes sense.
Think both those patrols were merged.

You’re welcome. Please be on the lookout for information about the new SMART release version on the forum.