Photo will not be imported warning

Hi all,

Another challenge is here. Some json packages containing photos cannot be downloaded from Connect. There is one package with four photos (21MB total) and two more with one photo each. See the error pop-up:

One JSON is marked in status “PROCESSING”, the other two as “QUEUED” on Connect. Here are those packages:

and log file form Smart Desktop (32.6 KB)

Connect version is 7.5.3
Desktop version is 7.5.6
SMART Mobile version - latest.

I did not find such a situation resolved on this forum.

Hi Josip,

I’ve not seen this error before. Could you let me know if the photos were taken using the app or were they attached from gallery / internal storage?

Thanks for the rest of the information. We’ll take a look.



Hi Alex,
Photos were on Connect as JSON packages, so they must have been uploaded via SMART Mobile, but I cannot tell if the field tracker took them with SM or attached them from his gallery. It may be the second, since our field trackers like to save photos of what they find. If photo is taken via SM, then they have nothing after upload. This brings back on surface the need and topic of data retention in SM after upload.

Hi all. I have come across this before and brought it up as a previous communication string - we have experienced this when data is being sent from an Apple device (iPhone) and where photos have been added from the users gallery (ie already saved on the phone and not photos taken through Smart Mobile).
Since one of the recent updates, iPhones now save the photos on your device in HEIC format and not jpeg format as previously done (HEIC is reported to be a more efficient format and results in smaller file sizes). SMART does not recognise HEIC photos so they do not come through at all. In my previous communication string, I put through a request for SMART to be adapted in order to accept HEIC files, however until that is done, the user needs to go into the iPhone settings and set their phone to take photos in jpeg format once again. Directions to do so can be found here … How to Save Photos in JPG Format on iPhone | Gadgets 360

Sorry for the delay, Josip.

Thanks a lot, Debby. This may be the issue at hand here.

Was it iPhones you were having the problem with, Josip? Can we check the file type being uploaded as Debby mentions?

If so, and it is JPEG images, did you already send the bug report from SMART Mobile along with the SMART error log?


Hi all,
Thanks on the clarification, Debby!
Alex, I have no way to figure-out who is using iPhone. We have “many” field trackers and most of them I do not know personally.
I do not know how to check if the image is in HEIC format. I only have unprocesable packages on server.

To avoid HEIC format is one more thing to consider, since we are preparing new series of workshops for September, to involve more people in field data collecting.

As for HEIC format, we PC users can open them only in WEB browsers, which is really annoying.