Problem downloading the conservation area on SMART Connect 7.5.7

Hi !

Since yesterday morning, I’m having trouble downloading a conservation zone from our SMART Connect server.
I can connect to the server from the browser without any problem. Only, when I launch SMART Desktop and try to download a conservation zone it doesn’t work; even the display of conservation zones before downloading is difficult and takes much longer than usual.

However, I use a very stable and fluid internet connection.
The message says: “Error downloading and importing conservation area. Waiting time for export for processing on SMART Connect expires”.

Can you help me solve this problem ?

Hi everyone,
I also am experiencing the same problem.
Any help on this is more than welcome.

Hi Angelo,

Your error is different from the one mentioned in the post. Please provide the URL to your SMART Connect via email to so we can fix your issue.



Hi Vigny,
Your error is caused by a timeout in connection to your Connect server. You will have to increase the processing time for SMART on SMART Connect.

To do this navigate to “Connect” → “Configurations”. Click “Edit” and under “Connection Options” increase the “SMART Connect Processing Time” e.g. to 600(See image below).