Problem with Connect Data processing Queue

I am having a few errors when I downloaded 2 patrols from the server. One with “rendering” error and another with patrol dates over lapping. “The track point 2022-maj-11 18:01:59 matches multiple patrols [Huddinge_000104(2022-maj-11), Huddinge_000105(2022-maj-11)]. Ensure the patrol days and times do not overlap and try again.” for many points.
Any ideas what the problem could be?

Adam T

Hi Adam,
Regarding the track points matching multiple patrols, I usually see that when someone didn’t correctly end a patrol, so one of the patrols is left active without an end date/time. There shouldn’t be two concurrent patrols from the same device, so you should just need to address that overlap to fix the issue. I recommend taking a look at those two patrols Huddinge_000104 and Huddinge_000105 and making sure they have the correct start/end dates/times and that they don’t overlap.

Can you share more details on the rendering error?


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Hi Matt,
I updated the end time on 104 and it worked. I remeber that I shutdown the app by accident which might have caused this to happen.
Regarding the remdering issue, I do not see that again so can’t share more details. However, there is no track log in 105 so I am guessing it has something to do with that. It’s not a big deal as I didn’t walk far and used a drone to check some cliffs out so can export the gpx file from that.
Thank you for your help.