Problems connecting to SMART Connect

Hello, i am having issues connecting to SMART Connect. I am trying to upload some local changes i’ve made, however i keep getting this error. Has anyone experience this before and knows what to do or why this is occurring?

Hi Regina,

You should be able to solve this by exporting the certificate for your Connect site from your browser.

Here are the steps (for Google Chrome, each browser is slightly different).

  1. In your browser, login to your SMART Connect interface
  2. Next to the URL in the browser - select “view site information”
  3. Select “connection is secure”
  4. Select “certificate is valid”
  5. Switch to the “details tab” and select “export”
  6. Save the file to somewhere permanent
  7. In SMART desktop navigate to Connect > configuration > Server Configuration > Edit > advanced options
  8. Where it says “certificate” select the […] and navigate to the file your exported from your browser


Thanks Alex! this was super helpful!

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