Query problem with the CCAA

Hello !

I have a problem with SMART 7.4, at the CCAA level.

Indeed, when I mount and execute a summary query on SMART having in options the selected conservation areas (in row headers) and the type of patrol team or the type of transport (in column headers), and in value the number of patrols or the distance traveled, an error message appears, telling me impossible the query (see image below).

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks !

Vigny M.

Hi Vigny,

Can I just check that the filters you are using apply to all of the selected CAs?

What happens when you use the “filters” option on the CA in the row headers?



Hi Alex !

The filters I use apply to all selected certificate authorities.

When I set up the query using the value filter option, without setting the column headers, it works.
The error message just appears when I use both row headers, column headers and values.

On SMART 6.3, it works correctly.

I noticed this problem just with SMART 7.4