Query problem with the CCAA

Hello !

I have a problem with SMART 7.4, at the CCAA level.

Indeed, when I mount and execute a summary query on SMART having in options the selected conservation areas (in row headers) and the type of patrol team or the type of transport (in column headers), and in value the number of patrols or the distance traveled, an error message appears, telling me impossible the query (see image below).

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks !

Vigny M.

Hi Vigny,

Can I just check that the filters you are using apply to all of the selected CAs?

What happens when you use the “filters” option on the CA in the row headers?



Hi Alex !

The filters I use apply to all selected certificate authorities.

When I set up the query using the value filter option, without setting the column headers, it works.
The error message just appears when I use both row headers, column headers and values.

On SMART 6.3, it works correctly.

I noticed this problem just with SMART 7.4

@Vigny.M hope you are well. did you find a solution to this. i am having the same problem as well

@Vigny.M - Re-upping the question from @Mutale here. Were you able to find a reason ir solution?

Or perhaps you’ve upgraded to 756 and it was resolved?! :slight_smile:

Just looking at the image and I’m wondering whether it doesn’t work due to teams not being across CAs or something off in that attribute that doesn’t match across all CAs.

just a thought. @Mutale Feel free to share some more screenshots and an error log to see if we can’t drill down. Thanks!

Hello @drew.cronin and @Mutale
Yes, the problem has been solved in SMART 7.5.6, for the CCAA

However, in SMART 7.5.6, the problem recently appeared in a CA that I manage, when running a summary query using the filter options by area category (management area boundary).

Hello Vigny,
Could you add a post in the forum with details about this summary query issue?

@drew.cronin see screenshots (query and Error logs). the distance query cannot execute for more than 30 days if the group by option selected is one of the area group bys eg “Conservation area boundary” but executes perfectly fine if team or a conservation area is selected.


Hello @matt.hron

The problem is as described by @Mutale .

In my conservation area, for the year 2022, when I run a summary query that takes in the groups by options - the defined administrative area boundaries - and in the values the distance (km) for a period from January 01 to April 30, 2022 (about 100 days), the query does not run and an error message appears.
However, when I run the same query for the period from June to December 2022, the query executes very well.

Here are some illustrations attached.

Uploading: image.png…

Uploading: image.png(1)…

Hi Vigny & Mutale,

Apologies for not posting the solution previously (i.e. upgrading).

This is a strange error. Usually when there are issues related to the area filters the shapefile is often to blame but it appears the duration is somehow contributing to the resulting error.

Could I ask that the error log is exported and shared as .txt file, please? We will get someone to look into this. (I’m also not able to load your screenshots Vigny, so if you could re-share, that would be most helpful.



@Alex_Wyatt FYA

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Hi Mutale,

Oddly, I’m not seeing any content in your reply. Perhaps an issue with the form. Can you please send to my email for follow up: awyatt@wwf.org.kh



Hi Alex,

I have sent it to your email.

Hello @Alex_Wyatt !

Here are the screenshots and the error log

error log.txt (115.2 KB)

Thank you, Vigny.

We’ll do some digging and provide and update here ASAP.

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Thanks !

I remain available for any further information.

Hi Vigny & Mutale,

Our developers have been looking into this. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. It appears we need to make some changes in SMART to avoid these issues but I wanted to provide the explanation offered by our developers:

"both of these errors occurs for some time frames and not others is because the data (geometries) returned in the time is different and it’s the processing of these geometries that is failing.

These sorts of topology errors can occur when coordinates on lines are almost exact but not quite exact. In the first example the startpoint of the first line is almost but not quite the same as the endpoint of the second line:

16.#5137642436#97 2.1821085654162373

16.#5137642436#97 2.182108565416237"

The only current workaround here is changing the track points (in your patrol data) that are used to generate the query data. But we will be looking into how to avoid this issue in future by updating SMART to ignore more than 10 or 11 digits to avoid this issue entirely. Apologies for the inconvenience caused in the meantime.

Kind regards,


Thank you so much Alex!

Hello @Alex_Wyatt !

Thank you for the quick response.