Querys with "keys"

Good morning, is it possible that in the next update you can add the keys of the fields of the smart database and our own model to the queries?

I need to integrate the Smart data with my database and having the keys in the query would be great

Hi David,

Could you possibly provide a little more information on this?

  • What systems you are trying to integrate and why the key is the best way to do this?

  • Why this is not possible with current filters? (most keys are similar to the display names)

  • How would you like / expect this to function in practice?

  • Any other additional information which may be of use for our understanding of the need and the potential requirements on the software side?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Alex,

This is a very good question for those of us working with the same attributes in several languages. It would be great to get the query output with keys, including attribute options instead of the specific language used in a specific country.

Hi Diego,

Ok great, thanks. Perhaps you can help us sketch out the exact requirements for a dev ticket?