Report not filtering by data model attributes

We intended the report to have a parameter called “numero de inventario” (inventory number), by which it would filter both the data sets for regular text data and attachment data.
We set the parameter and filter for each data set. It works well for regular data sets but it doesn´t work for attachment data. It seems that filtering by data model attributes only works for regular data sets but not fot attachment data. Only patrol attributes date and ID seem to work in this case.

Hi @jcuhna

Filter will not work on attribute of SMART query attachment.

You should add data from SMART Attachment query and SMART Query (from same query)
Then you need to join dataset both of that query. Then you could implement report parameter and filtering of attribute from that join dataset.

Here the example, I use geometry as join, or you can create your own computed column as join.


Lili Sadikin

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Yes, thank you! It did work. Thank you for the solution and @jorge-duarte who actually understood you and wired it.