Report Start Date

Hi Friends,

I am working on a report on SMART 7.5.9 where i want to create a table that shows the start date and time and the End Date and time of a patrol.

However when i add the patrol Start Date and End Date and format it to show both date and time, the date returns correctly however the time always return as May 22, 2024 at 12:00:00 AM CST. The time is wrong. What can i do to get the right time of when the patrol started, and the patrol ended?

If you only have a single patrol returned from a “Patrol Query” type query it should be straight forward to get the start/end date and time. The dates and times are in two separate values, so you have to drag over 4 values to get all the info. I made a quick example to show what I did to get them, would this work for your case as well?:

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for looking into this. What type of query did you use. I cant find Patrol Start time on Patrol Query.