Report template Data Parameter Issue

Hi All

Software version: 6.3
Log report: attached
I have a weird problem when running a specific Report Template.
When i enter the Report parameters as June 2022 (start 1 and end 30) then the report runs perfectly and gets all tables filled out.
If i try run the same report for May 2022 i get an error. If i change the Report parameter for 1 May - 17 May 2022 and run it works but as soon as I enter 18th then a get an error. If i run 18 - 31 May then the report runs correctly.

I am looking into the data (in the Queries the data over the May 2022 period appears fine) to see if there are inconsistencies, but wanted to see if i could get feedback before i start having to recreate the entire template again. The other option obviously is to upgrade to v7 to see if that also helps.

I have already:

  • Updated Report Query Bindings
  • Updated the Data set Bindings
  • Checked to see if any data had filters added (none)
  • Pulled some of my hair out (14.7 KB)


Hey Denton,
I woudl look at the specific patrols that were active between the 17th and 18th. There may be a time or location on a waypoint of something that is incorrect, so when it is calculating values across those two dates a problem is created, but each individual date is ok.