Reports- Getting time of patrols into report

Hi Guys,

I need to do a table that has Patrol Id, Date of Patrol, Time patrol starts, and Time patrol ends. i am unable to locate any query that is able to get the time information.

Any help would be appreciated.

Maybe a joined query of some sort? Probably something you could pull out in reports, but not sure about query…

Hi Julio,
I’m not seeing a way to pull in the patrol start/end time either. I’ll see if we can find a clever way to do this, and I’ll at least get this submitted as a feature request for future development.


Thanks Matt and Drew.


Julio Maaz
Technical Coordinator Sustainable Fisheries

Hi Julio,
I’ve added the feature request to allow displaying the patrol start/end times, so hopefully we can get that for you in a future version of SMART. One other thing that might help is that you can group information by Start Hour or End Hour in Patrol Summary Queries:
It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but I hope it helps.



Good to know @matt.hron - thanks for flagging that!

Hey Guys
Create a Patrol Observation query. You can then turn fields off that are not necessary to be viewed and then in the Report Template bring that in as Table format to display the information you are requiring.

If not then do this plus a normal summary query that shows the Patrol Mandate then create a Joint Dataset in the Report template as new Data then you can display that as a table with all relevant info