Reports on SMART Connect 7.5.7 error and queries name do not show name in Connect

Dear community.
Error log 7.5.7.txt (529.2 KB)

I am using SMART Desktop and SMART Connect version 7.5.7.
I am encountering 02 problems that need everyone’s support:

  1. When I run the report on the Desktop, there are no errors. But when I run the report on SMART Connect, I get an error, all data tables in the report created from observation queries do not display data.
    I would like to attach the error log here.
  2. Queries on CCAA running on Desktop display the query name, but when synced to Connect, these queries do not display the name.
    Hope to soon receive a solution to this problem from experts and the SMART community.

Thanks so much,

Hi Minh,

  1. Do you get errors for all of your reports? SMART Connect relies on running the reports from your browser which is not as good as the software at generating reports - particularly more complex reports. It’s a limitation of the Connect feature to run the reports. I’d suggest that you use Connect for running more simple reports only and stick to SMART desktop for your more detailed report generation.

  2. I am not able to reproduce this issue of the names missing in Connect using SMART 7.5.9. Could you share a screenshot of the corresponding queries within the CCAA (desktop software)?

Also, could you tell us if you are using a SMART Partnership hosted cloud server or a locally hosted server, please?



Hi Alex,

Thank you for your feedback.

We are using servers supported by SMART Partner.

I attached a screenshot of CCAA’s query showing the full name on Desktop and he took a screenshot of the query name not showing on Connect.
Best regards,

Hi Minh,

Thanks a lot. I wondered if it might be a language issue but it is strange that there is no issue for your regular CAs.

Could you share your Connect server URL and I will see if someone can look into the issue?




Could you also try this on a different browser and let me know if it makes a difference?

Dear Alex,

I tested it on Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox browsers, but the names of all CAAA queries are not displayed.

I have created an account for you on the server. Please check your inbox for me.

Best regards,

Hi Minh,

Just updating that a ticket has been created for this and I hope to get back to you soon with a further update.



I have the same error. But I noticed the following peculiarities:
1.- It happens with any Connect account I use.
2.- It happens only in the main browser of my laptop (edge). I installed Chrome and I could see everything without problems.
3.- When I compare the information displayed from the connect tab in the SMART software with the browser it shows different things, in the software it looks correct.
4.- When entering Connect from another computer the problem is not shown.