Reports: Patrol members

Hey there,

I am working on a report with the patrol ID as the report parameter, and I have been trying to print the members of the patrol. I have tried with patrol queries, but that variable does not appear when importing my data sets for the report. Additionally, I have tried the SMART table when creating the data set but still not working.

I have already printed other variables of the data model based on the ID patrol parameter, even the observations and tracks on a map. But this one is missing and I would appreciate your help.


Hi Jackie,

When you say using the patrol ID as the report parameter, how are you doing this?

Can you add the employees as a summary query? I.e. create a summary query for “patrol members” and patrol ID + filter to the specific patrol, and add any value, such as distance.

In the report you can then add a filter to filter out null data meaning only employees with distance (or “header_1” which is the patrol ID) values are visible.

See below:




After that you can remove the distance value if it’s not of interest:

Thanks @Alex_Wyatt, it worked perfectly!

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