Rugged Laptops for field use

I am looking for some advice on rugged laptops. Does anyone have experience in using a laptop that can run SMART and function in wet; dusty; and hot conditions?

Kind regards

Hi Peter - we’ve had good success with PAnasonic Toughbooks (Computers). The only real limiting/negative factor being their cost.

Thanks a lot Drew. It does not seem that there are cheap options. The Getac looks good as well as the Dell Extreme laptop seems to pop up in many reviews. The devices need to work in rain forest conditions. I will definitely have another look at the Panasonic Toughbooks. Regards

Like Drew said, we have had good luck with Panasonic toughbooks. Have had them in use for many years in Nigeria (hot, humos, rainforest). We have found thatbthe “business rugged” models are fine and thatbthe fully rugged versions arent necessary. These models are much cheaper than the fully rugged ones. Another advantage of Panasonic when conpated to most manufacturers isnthatbthe toughbooks come with a complwtely clean install of windows. No customizations, games, apps that run automarically, unwanted antivirus trial subscriptions, etc.