Running Smart on MacOS Sonoma

Is anyone on the community running SMART on Sonoma (the latest MacOS) and if so, are they experiencing any problems at all? I possibly need to up date my OS but just want to make sure that SMART will continue to run seamlessly

I would really like to know if anyone is successfully running SMART on MacOS Sonoma? Apart from needing to upgrade myself, I am also trying to set up SMART on a colleagues computer who is running Sonoma and we are having the following issues and I need to check if it is a compatibility issue with Sonoma or not:
Firstly the intro dialogue box displays itself “upside down”

Despite this, we can still log in and when going into the “Advanced” section and then selecting to Import a Conservation area we then go through the steps to install from the CA export created from my computer. (both computers are Macs and running of SMART for Mac so there should not be a compatibility issue in this regard), however, although we are then installing from a zip file, SMARt keeps telling us that it cannot install from the file as it is not a zip file, yet as can be seen in the images below, it is very clearly a zip file.

I am presuming that this may be as a result of some incompatibility with Sonoma? Can anyone confirm if they have had the same issues and how this was sorted or if anyone has any idea on what may be causing this issue?

The images below show the steps undertaken and resultant errors.