Selecting subsets of staff in patrol package

Hello folks,

Is there a way to set up employee names, teams, patrol mandates, and patrol teams so that when a user selects a team or station, or mandate (I don’t mind which!) in the patrol package the list of employee names names is limited to just those names associated with that team/station/mandate, rather than all the names that are in the package?

I can’t seem to associate employee names with patrol teams. Employee teams don’t appear as category in the patrol package, only their members. We are about to grow our employee list with multiple teams and want a way to reduce the long list of names that users will have to scroll through.

Thank you


Hi Jeremy
I have created teams and mandates for each type of patrol.
Then exported those types of patrol packages to connect so the teams can download specific packages specific to them. (Sent link via me to each person)
Those packages where created with the teams in mind that had their names added to these types of teams or mandates.
Hope this makes sense?

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That makes total sense and is a great solution that hadn’t occurred to me at all. Thank you.