Selection of Dynamic Images

If an observation comes with multiple images attached to it, I am battling to work out how I can select which of the various images I want included in the report when I set up a dynamic image in a report. It seems that at present, the first image only is selected. Is there a way to present which image you want included in the report, or how is this meant to be customised.

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Hi Debby

Am attaching a report definition here with an example. Don’t have the time write up a detailed walkthrough, but you should be able to work through what I did from the definition. In this case, I added the attachments data set and then set up a joined data set on waypoint ID with the main data set for the incident. I then added that dataset as a table and displayed the attachment data. See the table at the bottom “Incident Photographs”. Hope this helps. (573.9 KB)

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Hey Debby

Let us know if the solution works for you. Would be great to see it work in your reports


Thank you for this Drew. I will have have to try and get a gap to work through this and see if I can work out what you did. I have never worked with joined data sets before so will have to just familiarise myself and hopefully work out how to implement this first so I can try and work out what you did, but greatly appreciated -will let you know if I don’t come right.

Take Care

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When adding a dynamic image to a table with multiple incidences, it is repeating the same image for each separate incident. I tried to recreate the table with merged data sets but that too hasn’t worked. Some of the separate incidents also have multiple attached images.
Any assistance would be great as I have been puzzled for a while, and this would be the finishing touch to my report.