Setting distance Units from Feet/Mile to Meter/Kilometer in SMART Mobile SMK-build-385

Hello community,
How can I change the distance, Altitude and accuracy to display in Meter/Kilometer in Smart Mobile SMK-build-385. currently it only displays in Feet/Mile

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I would have to go back and confirm, but I believe it takes these settings from the system. So you would need to configure the Android device’s regional settings.
In the upcoming release with SMART 7.5, there is a manual override in the Settings page.

Hello Justin, It looks like these units are hard coded in SMART Mobile because there is another build in which the units are Meter/Kilometers

Hello, pbisimbeko. Have you solved your issue?

I got the same one, and I would like to hear from your experience on this


Hello Jackline,
Please 1. Open Smart Mobile 2. Go to settings 3. Go to settings and turn on Metric units.


Hi @pbisimbeko , I do not have the option “Metric Units”.

Is there another way to do it?


Hi Jackie,
Please go to Google Play store and install Smart Mobile for conservation app. It has the metric units setting. This app doesn’t support locking the phone to kiosk mode though.

Sadly I have to work with SMART Mobile 385, so I had to install it from APK. Maybe there is no metrics option in the version.

do you use the SM in kiosk mode?

yes, we use the kiosk mode

I recall that in build 385 the units were taken from the Android device regional settings. More recent builds have an explicit option in the main settings menu in SMART Mobile.