Sharing a data model


I have a few questions regarding sharing a data model between conservation areas. I’m using SMART 7, and tried merging the data model in the example conservation area in SMART. When trying to import the XML data model, I get the following error:

  1. Is it possible to share a data model with someone to view on their system if they don’t have the conservation area, station list, employee list, etc.?

  2. How would one open the XML to just see the structure of the data collection model?

  3. Would one be able to copy the data model over from someone else’s to your own conservation area should you want to use it?



You would need to have a CA and a user to login as in order to see the data model. Without access to a CA - you can look at the xml file export provided by someone who has access to SMART CA. You can export a Data model in XML format in SMART and use any tools like XML viewer or XML notepad etc to read convert it into a more readable format.

Data Models can set up in a CA -
Upon initialization of a new Conservation Area, the primary administrator will need to
define the data model to be used for the new Conservation Area.
This process can be accomplished by:
● Using the default data model
● Starting with a blank data model
● Copying from an existing Conservation Area that has been previously initialized
in your instance of SMART (you will only see this option if there is an existing
Conservation Area in your database)
● Importing a custom data model (from a previously exported XML data model
Hope this helps