SMART 7 Launch πŸš€

SMART 7 launch

Dear SMART Community,

We are excited to announce that our latest release – SMART 7 – is now available on the download page of our website, along with the associated training manuals and support files. Please note that you will need to register on the SMART website to access download links.

We continue to improve our tools to support our users globally. As part of the process, SMART’s latest upgrade - SMART 7 is a major upgrade, bringing a number of key innovations to users, including a suite of exciting new functionalities.

What is new in SMART 7?

  • SMART 7 has an improved User Interface , including over 1,000 new icons covering different attributes from wildlife to a range of different activities.

  • SMART 7 enhances data collection with SMART Mobile - our data collection tool designed specifically for use with SMART. Through a tight integration with SMART Desktop and Connect, SMART Mobile can be used to easily, accurately, and quickly record observations based on a configured version of your SMART data model.

  • With SMART Mobile - GPS waypoint, tracklog and observation data are collected simultaneously and uploaded to SMART in a semi-automated process.

  • Further customise how you record information by adding images and audio files and labeling your waypoints, as well as having QR code support .

  • In addition, SMART Mobile now has enhanced navigation functionalities such as go-to and a new statistics page that shows your patrol progress.

  • SMART Mobile is available for Android and now also for iOS users with SMART Connect.

  • Also new in SMART 7 is a version of SMART Mobile designed for remote data collection such as citizen science and community reporting projects - SMART Collect . SMART Collect, available for Android and iOS, is centrally managed with potential to collect data from all over the world.

  • SMART 7 has over 40 new functionalities to support SMART users globally. These functionalities improve the overall user experience and work flow. For more details, see the list of features.

Finally, we are happy to introduce a new service to support our users - SMART Connect as a Service (SCaaS). This is a free and simple to use cloud hosting service provided by the partnership for users wishing access to cloud based SMART Connect. SMART Connect allows users to store data securely, access SMART reporting, real time data visualization, allow multiple users to access the databases simultaneously, centrally manage and deploy SMART, integrate SMART data with other systems, as well as manage and respond to real time alerts. For more information, please visit our website.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on SMART 7.




Wow! This is the good news i have been waiting for so long. Thanks very much Monica for your great effort

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Thanks. Hoping for the best.

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