SMART 7 Update plug-ins

Hi forum! I was using SMART 7.0.4 and went to upgrade to SMART 7.5 , but i came across some issues in installing plug-ins. During the backup a message appears asking me to install some plug-ins that are not available for downloading in the example Conservation Area, the cybertracker plug-ins. What can I do to resolve this?

Hi Luana,
Can you share a screenshot or details on which plug-ins you were unable to install? Some plug-ins are retired or replaced over time, so what you’re seeing may just be the expected behavior. For example, some CyberTracker plug-ins may no longer be needed since SMART 7 is using SMART Mobile.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the reply! Yes, it looks like the CyberTracker plug-ins you talked about. What can i do?
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-29 at 08.50.56

Hello Luana,
Those plug-ins should be available for installation. If I look at the available plugins for SMART 7.5, you can see those included in the list, such as the SMART Connect Data Queue, Ecological Records (Survey), Entity Tracking, Independent Incident, etc.

Make sure you are selecting Local SMART Core Update Site as the source when you are installing the plugins.