SMART Collect and data transfer

Hi there,

I have transferred my SMART Collect data successfully through SMART Connect. However, I realized that the internet connection requirements could difficult this process for some users we are working with.

Periodically, a staff member visits all the users. Thus, I was thinking if is there any option in which SMART Collect could save the data as a file in the device, just as SMART Mobile does with the json files for the patrols. In this way, the users with no internet connection could share the files with our staff, for example, through Bluetooth.

Thanks for sharing your ideas to transfer data in this situation.


Hi Jackie,

Collect is designed more as a low touch solution. If you have access to the devices perhaps you could use an independent incident package instead. That would give you the ability to have exportable JSON.


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Great Justin, that’s a really good option. Thanks