SMART Collect: is it necessary to have an email to start collecting data?

Hi everyone,

I have created a private package to use in SMART Collect. To start collecting data, I am asked to introduce an email. However, I have noticed that if I write a name instead of an email it works as well.

Is it fine if we want users of our package only to write their names? if let’s say they do not have access to an email. Or this can cause trouble when transferring data with SMART Connect?


Hi Jackie,

I think that is fine. If I remember correctly we didn’t make email mandatory because as you said some people may not have email, but we would still want to have a means to know who is sending the information when you get the notification that someone sent you data.



That’s correct. The server can include or exclude data using what is entered here, so this is a way to prevent spam and ensure only good data is coming through. However, it does not need to be an email address.


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