SMART connect download failed

Hi All.
Have a patrol package sent to SMART CONNECT with the teams selected. more than 5 members in this team with their own username and passwords setup on desktop and they show on server also.
Keep getting the error “Download failed” once user wants to connect to patrol via QR code.

Any ideas?

Hi Ott,

This could be a case of the server being down or a connection issue. Are you able to login via your browser / sync with your desktop software? Is it happening for all user accounts ?

Otherwise, is this only a specific package or any package that is attempted via QR? If it is only happening with a specific package try recreating it and re-exporting to the server in case there is an issue with the package preventing the download.



Hi Alex.

one day it was working fine and the next day people couldn’t log in.
3 users are logged in as admins or data entry on server and they are working fine. The other Desktop users are were the problem lays.
ive sent patrol package to then several times and selected the teams that are relevant. ive sent them the link from server, from the phone and qr options. still having the same problem.
Am i missing something?
details if someone wants to take a closer look.