SMART Connect error when click on data queue

Hi all,

Recently, my SMART Connect server has been running slow while I click on the data queue, I wait for it about 40 seconds then it shows up a message " Something went wrong while displaying the webpage. Error code out of memory." as the image attached.

Can you please help ?

Best regards,

Hi Rachana,

I believe you’re using a Partnership-hosted server?

@usmijuka can we reboot the server to see if that solves the issue?



Hi Rachana,

Your server has been rebooted and memory increased.

I hope it is all working now.



Hi Monica,

Thank you.
I still have the same problem, the server can’t load the data queue.


Hi Rachana,

Apologies for the delay, I was on leave.

Is your server still having problems?



Hi Rachana,
I checked the size of your data queue on the server. There are about 100.000 entries in the queue at the moment. About 77.000 are already in the status COMPLETED. The Connect web page for the data queue is loading a list of all entries in the data queue to your local browser and with this big number of entries your browser will run into that out of memory problem.
To solve the issue please all other applications on your computer, close every other tab of your browser and then try to load the data queue again. Hopefully it will load now.
Next you have to delete all items with status COMPLETED. But be aware that it will take quite a long time to delete 77.000 entries.
If that doesn’t work I can try to delete them manually on the server for you.

We also have a problem with our data queue on SMART. However, we do run SMART using the local server.
Although clearing the cache and deleting completed file has helped a little bit, I still encounter the challenge intermittently.
Another major concern is that we have queued data from June 2022. Could you advise if we can just decide to delete the 2022 data manually?

Hi David,
How many files do you have queued in Connect? The decision as to whether to delete the older data from the queue depends on how much you value those data. If the data in your desktop database are complete and you’re not missing anything important, you may decide to delete those older files, which would clean up your queue and speed up the loading and processing. You would be permanently losing that data, so the other course of action if you don’t want to lose any data would be to reconcile and process that data if possible, though there may be more conflicts in trying to reconcile those older files.