SMART Connect Issue


I recently updated to SMART version 7.5.7. When I try to sync with connect it gives an error message (attached) saying SMART Connect is on a different version. What should happen? Do I go back to the version that Connect is on or does the Connect server need to be updated?



Hi Natalie,

When using Connect, for upgrading, you need to both upgrade your software and your Connect instance. If you’re using a SMART Partnership hosted server you can request that this is upgraded using this form.

If you’re using a local server installation you’ll need your IT personnel to perform the upgrade.



Great thank you for your help!

Hi Everyone
Conect Error

I have the same issue as of this evening - screenshot attached. Desktop version is 7.5.6 and Connect version 7.5.3 hosted by SMART

I have not upgraded anything or requested for my server to be upgraded and I synced successfully a few hours ago so not sure why this issue is occurring unless an update has happened automatically in the background?