SMART Connect - missing observations

Good day everyone.
I am experiencing a problem with SMART connect - this happened yesterday at about 8pm after struggling to connect to the server, upload any data or sync any changes on my desktop.

Eventually it exported the data from the device, and I was able to sync with SMART connect. I exported the data from the device to the connect server, but once I try and download and process this patrol, it gives me the warning “Could not process any of the data Item has been requed”. Upon closer inspection of the individually downloaded parts of the patrol from connect, it seems that the first two parts of the patrol are missing. I checked the ObsCounter and this is missing “1” and “2” - only beginning with observation 3. I can also see that the metadata info characteristic of the start of the patrol is missing from any of the files.

Can you anyone provide some clarity?
Is there anyway to recover this patrol?


Hi Alex,

Which version of SMART Mobile are you using? We had an issue like this some time ago, but nothing more recent.

Also, please send me a bug report from the device.


Hi Justin.
I am using mobile version 1.0.448. Yea I read some historic posts about a similar problem with SMART 6.

Please see the attached log file from this evening.

Thanks for your help.
AE_Botha_error_log_20231101.txt (2.4 MB)

Hi Alex,

Yes, I would recommend upgrading to the latest build as soon as you can.

Here are the instructions for creating a bug report from the device:
Troubleshooting | CyberTracker Wiki


Hi Justin.
For sure, just hesitant to update while we are in the middle of the survey. Do you think its safe to update once the survey is complete, or would you recommend the update now?

The folder made by the device is over 4mb and cant be uploaded onto the forum. Do you have an email I could send it to? If you do not need the whole folder, I have attached just the report and log txt.
Log_1.0.465.txt (3.4 MB)
Report.txt (40 Bytes)


Please send it to me at