Smart connect servers

Hi All.
Ive been hearing about SMART Connect server and need some help with this.
would this be the best way to go about it if there is more than 1 person working on the same database?
Currently I’m in a need of a secondary person to collect data and I will analyze and pull reports. this beeing said we have our own servers ect. Can we use our own servers going forth?

Hope someone can help.

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Hi Ott,

Yes, you can use your own server. What version of SMART are you using?
I can send you some supporting materials.



Im on version 7.
Please send! The secondary laptop i will also have to get on version 7 so if you can send download files for that also it would be great.

Hi Monica
i still have not heard from you but need to start with the server side asap please.
Or i hope i didn’t miss anything.
Please send me the supporting material.
I use Version 7.4.0

I need the to send other person version to download and install and need to understand how the server thing works.
Also, Is there a mobile version for cellphone for other managers to also add info?

Hi Ott,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I was hoping to have the final SMART 7 server script and documentation, but we are still testing.

This short document about server considerations and pre-requisites may be useful to you - SMART Connect server considerations_v1 - Google Docs

For installing your own server:
Script for 7.4.1 is available here - - Google Drive

Documentation to assist - SMART Connect Installation Script - Step-by-Step Guide.docx - Google Docs

I am not sure if I correctly understood your question about cellphone, but we do have a mobile app.

If you are using SMART 7, you can either use the SMART Mobile version on the SMART website (build 385) or download from Play or App stores (look for SMART Mobile for Conservation). Please note the Stores version only work with SMART 7. For users with SMART 6.3, you must use the version from the SMART website.

I hope this helps.



This is perfect.
Ill go through it all and replay at a later stage.
How do i install on secondary laptops? With same versions of SMART obviously.


Hi Ott,
You would follow a similar process for installing SMART on other laptops.

  • Install SMART 7.4.1 on the other laptop
  • Log into the example CA and install any necessary plugins (you need to have the same plugins installed across desktops using the same CA)
  • You can then load your CA from SMART Connect on that SMART desktop by clicking the blue ‘Advanced’ link on the login screen and selecting ‘Download a Conservation Area from SMART Connect’ and follow the prompts as shown here: smart_connectDownloadCA_04_2022.wmv - Google Drive

I want to stress that best practices need to be followed when you have multiple people managing the SMART CA from separate desktops, as it can cause conflicts and frustration when two separate desktops update the same records at the same time and try syncing it through Connect:

  • I strongly recommend doing all SMART administration and configuration from a single desktop when possible. If not, it requires careful management and communication to ensure your changes don’t conflict with someone else’s.
  • Only process patrol data from Connect on a single SMART desktop
  • Make use of the automatic syncing settings to make sure you are syncing often – at login, when logging out, and frequently while using the software.
  • Make sure any outstanding data queue items/patrol data have been processed before any data model changes are made.


Thank you for this Matt.
Will give attention next week.
Will most likely want to get in touch with you to help with process if possible?

Hello Ott,
I will be headed out to the field next week, so please post to the forum with any questions and we’ll make sure someone is able to assist.

Hi Matt
I do not have the installation file for SMART 7.4.1.
Is it possible to get it or can I copy existing files to new laptop?
The idea is that when I am not available to collect data that someone else can do so. this means I will still be admin and sometimes I will receive data from other parties.
Could we maybe speak over the phone to help?

Hello Ott,
Were you able to get help with this while I was away? If it would still be helpful, we can arrange a call to discuss how you plan to use SMART and Connect. Please let me know which time zone you are in.

Hi Matt.
Been a bit busy so not yet!
Im in South Africa.
I would love a chat! next week Monday or Tuesday?

Thank you for sharing this, I have download and install the shared file above but not version 7.4.1 but 7.3.0;

Do you mind to share the 7.4.1 version?

Many thanks

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I would also add to make sure the auto check for new data queue items is switched OFF for all but one desktop. And make sure only strictly necessary users have the Connect User Role enabled to Process Data Queue items.