SMART Data file not showing up

Hello everyone,
I have an issue with SMART Data file not showing up on phone memory, after I export the data from SMART Mobile I can’t locate the SMART Data file, any idea where is the data being exported to or stored??
I am using the Ulephones Power Armor 14 and am on SMART 7


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There is share feature on SMART Mobile

You just need tap your SMART Mobile project, → Settings → Exported data → Choose your CT data and share

Lili Sadikin

The method @LiliSadikin mentioned works however, the question @Mtengajr had is where does the JSON file sit on the device after you hit Export data? It does not appear to be sent to a folder called SMARTdata like happened with previous versions of SMART mobile?

The data are going to be in: \Android\data\\files\SMARTdata.

This is on page 123 in the manual here: SMART Mobile user manual.pdf - Google Drive

Note, the SMK filepath is for a kiosked device. For a store version of the app, the filepath will be: \Android\data\\files\SMARTdata