Smart Error Report Popup

Dear All,
I wanted to make a report after I specified a date range and always popup with the error message as uploaded.
Please kindly help.

Hi Adeoye

Welcome to the community.
Can you please let me know what version of SMART you are using and also the date ranges you are passing in as parameters on the report?

Hello Padma,

I use the SMART Version 7.5.6.

The date that I specified on the report query is between 1st – 31st July 2023.

I really appreciate you.



That error suggests to me that you might have some invalid geometry data in your system, such as an invalid patrol track. I’m not sure how that would happen, it shouldn’t be able to, but it seems it happened somehow.

I would suggest you narrow down your report dates (run July 1-15, then 16-31. Then if the error only occured at the first half of the month Jul 1-7 and so on like that.) and hopefully the error only occurs on a single day, which you can then potentially narrow down to a particular patrol. If you can do that, then you could try editing the patrol track and you might be able to make it valid again with some edits. If not, you could also try to export the patrol and re-import it.

Thanks @jeffloun for the suggestion.