SMART Map layer

Dear colleague

I’m on progress to develop new report template design.
On that template, I have 2 dataset:

  1. Animal distibution Dataset from Patrol Observation query (POINT) to know animal distribution,
  2. Dataset Conservation Status from JDBC Connection data source (CSV) for Conservation Status of animal
    Then I made a joint (table) dataset between both of that dataset.

My problem is, I try to add SMART Map with Map Layer from that Joint Dataset, not from Animal distribution dataset.

Is it possible or does anyone know how to add map layer from joint dataset?

Here my dataset

Here my joint dataset table, there is X Y information

But there is no option to add my joint dataset as Map Layers


Lili Sadikin

Hi Lili,
The map component in BIRT reports is a custom thing that we added specifically to SMART’s version of BIRT. As part of that tool, we only support certain SMART Queries as map-compatible data sets. So, at the moment, you cannot put any joint data sets into a map layer, it just isn’t supported in the code for that mapping component.

I’m sure it is possible to do, we’d have to add it to a future version. It would likely take a about 3-4 days of coding, testing and review effort to add support for joint data sets that contain a certain type of geometry column. I suggest you create a ticket in the Asana system to request a new feature and go through that standard process to try and have it included in future builds if this is an important feature you’d like.