SMART Mobile automatic add of attributes

Can SMART Mobile automatically add attributes to generate the result of another attribute in SMART Mobile?

Could you please provide an example? There may be ways to handle your scenario.

For example, I’m monitoring turtles and I have turtles with deformities such as albinos, twins and others and I want them to automatically join and give me the total of turtles with deformities in the SMART Mobile.

Can I do that?

This is not something that can currently be done with SMART Mobile.

Hi Bianca,
Can you clarify how you would use that data summarization in SMART Mobile? You should be able to use a query in SMART desktop to easily summarize the number of turtle with deformities that were observed, so I’m curious as to what you’re trying to do with that within the mobile app.


Hi Matt,

Yeah, I explained to the technician in charge how to do it from SMART Desktop, but she asked me if it could be automatic in the SMART Mobile, I think she want to have this number automatic.