Smart Mobile Data Layers

Hi all, I’m hoping someone could provide some assistance.

I am busy setting up a SMART Collect mobile package to record sightings of protected species. To improve the number of sightings I am planning to incorporate field guides from various lodges into the monitoring program.

Is there a way to disable the “Collect” Data layer and “History” when creating the package so that the user can not see the observations on the map or their coordinates in the history? The locations of the sightings are highly sensitive and I would like to keep them out of sight.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Gunter,

By the Collect data layer, do you mean you would like to not show it on the map or not have the map feature enabled at all? The reason I ask is because we have had requests to simplify the Collect experience. This would include removing the history feature and that kind of thing.


Hi Justin, thank you for the response!

If possible, I would like it to not show on the map, so that once the sighting has been logged it cannot be seen. Removing the History in this particular instance would also be ideal.

I see in the in the app, if one goes to “map” then “Layers”, under “Data Layers” there is an option to deselect “Collect”. Is there a way to disable this option when creating the package?

Thanks again,