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Is it possible to use SMART mobile on iOS without Connect? Can you download patrol data from the iOS mobile devices onto a Windows desktop? I don’t think you can connect an iPhone to a Windows computer. Would it be possible to send the JSON files with images for patrols via email maybe?


Hi Philip,

Yes, this is possible, but since it is not a core scenario there are more steps:

  1. Export the package (Field data->SMART Mobile->Packages) to a ZIP file and email it to your iPhone
  2. Store the ZIP on your phone
  3. Open SMART Mobile and go to the main Settings page
  4. Select “Edit Projects” and then tap “Add” in the bottom right corner and select the ZIP file you just downloaded
  5. Go back to the main page and you will notice your project is now available
  6. Capture data as usual and tap “Export data” when done
  7. Select the Settings page within the project and tap on “Exported data”
  8. Select the data file and then use the Share feature to share it back to your desktop over email
  9. Use the Field data->SMART Mobile->Import to import the JSON file

I just tested this and it worked pretty well. Good luck!


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Hi Justin,

Excellent, thanks for the quick feedback. Will give it a shot.