SMART project in Mongolia

Hello, Every one. My name is Bilguun. Connecting from Mongolia. When i downloading my data from connect following error comes. Is there any solution?

Hello Bilguun,
I have a few questions that will help us understand what is happening:

  • Which version of SMART and SMART Mobile are you using?
  • Do any items in the queue process successfully when you try again?
  • Did you get any sort of warning message when trying to process the data?
  • Could you share the error log from your SMART desktop?
  • From looking at the patrol data, is it clear what data is missing?
    If you could also share the files that aren’t able to be processed, that may help in diagnosing the problem.

Thank you,

Hello, Matt Hron
Thank you for your quick respond.

  • I am using version 7.5.3, SMART mobile just downloading from playstore 1.0.450 and app store 5.5
  • No, when I try again there is no difference.
  • There is no message for the desktop. and many of my data is like that.
    I don’t see what data is missing from inside.

error_log_20230310.txt (20.6 KB)

thank you,

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Thank you Bilguun. The next step then would be to look at the files that aren’t processing and evaluate why they can’t be processed. There could be data missing from the files, or more likely there’s data that is out of sync with what has already been processed on your desktop.

If you can send me the files that aren’t processing, I will look to see if there are any issues, but most likely we’ll need to compare the data with what’s in your SMART desktop. I will reach out to you over email so we’re not sharing your patrol data in the Community Forum.


Hello Bilguun,
Our Connect team ran some updated on your server that could help with potential issues. Can you try processing the files again and let us know whether you still see an issue?