SMART Query blanks

Is there a way to omit blank rows when running a query? Since these blanks are also shown on the report generation, it would be better to exclude these blank rows starting from the query. Also, where do they come from? I checked all the patrol reports and saw no blank or empty data patrol.

Thank you very much!

Hi Arel,

I’m surprised to see blank rows returned when running a query as the query should only be returning items with relevant data. Is there any data in any of the columns?

In reports, removing null data can be achieved by selecting the table, selecting “filters” in the item properties and adding a filter (on whatever value you like) and selecting “is not Null”. Then any rows in which this particular value is null will be omitted.



Thank you for this, Alex! Went to check the blank rows again and check their source- they have waypoints saved but no data at all so we just decided to delete those waypoints and got it reflected on the queries and reports.

The filter solution also worked on the reports. This will be very helpful. Thank you!

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