SMART Training Course


Are there any training courses coming up on using SMART? Planning, Reporting, R, Queries, Data Model configurations, etc. would be great.

Or are there any online courses available such as on Coursera perhaps?


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Hi Philip,

Thanks for your message. Where about in the world are you based? We held 5 SMART trainings already this year and we are planning trainings for next year. Let us know where you are and keep an eye in the Forum as we often announce training opportunities here.

We have just finalized our first online course in English and we have some volunteers reviewing it at the moment. We will announce that very soon also. It will cover some of the things you mentioned above.

Finally, we have just updated all our manuals ahead of releasing SMART 7 and many of them have training files so you follow the manuals step by step to learn new features. They are all available from the SMART website.

I hope this helps.


Hi Monica

Thanks for your response. We are based in Saudi Arabia. I’ve seen the manuals that are online, and these are definitely very helpful. However, I’m interested also in any future courses that can be taught by one of the experts to a group of rangers.

Will keep an eye out for any announcements on the forum.

Best wishes,

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Hi All.
I will also be interested in something like this when it is available.
based in South Africa.

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