Startup Error - Initializing Database

Hi all. I have installed Smart 7.5.6 Desktop version and did the setup all the way to the data model but without importing shape files. The installation was done on my I: drive (a Google Drive drive mirrored on my pc).
Then I downloaded a shape file for my area and tried to import. It took hours and made my computer super slow so I forced a shutdown with Task Manager to try again.
When I tried to start up the app it says “Initializing Database…” and hangs like that until I hit exit. I have done restarts but it doesn’t help. Please assist with the following answers:

  1. Is there a workaround or fix for this?
  2. Did I make a mistake to install on the I: drive? (want to know where I went wrong)
  3. If so, is there any way that I can retrieve the data from that drive for example via sql directly from the DB and import it into a new installation done on C: drive?
    I didn’t make a backup and the system was still on -1 days for backups so cannot restore.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi Lizmari,

I believe SMART should be installed locally. Can you try reinstalling on your C drive?

If it wasnt backed up I’m afraid we may struggle to retrieve the data but you can try simply copying the whole installation to your C drive, though. This might be sufficient if all the directories can transfer in full.



Thank you Alex, worked like a dream.

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For businesses seeking seamless B2B contact enrichment, it’s essential to address any potential issues hindering the shapefile import process in the Smart 7.5.6 Desktop application. One effective workaround involves checking if the import process is running in the background, as it could be stuck. Utilize Task Manager to terminate any related processes, then restart the Smart 7.5.6 Desktop application. If the issue persists, consider a comprehensive solution by reinstalling the application and attempting to import the shapefile again. Ensure that you carefully adhere to the installation instructions, and opting for the default installation directory (e.g., on the C: drive) may contribute to a smoother B2B contact enrichment experience.