Station code in patrol names

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I was wondering if when using SMART Mobile, the code for patrol names can be set automatically based on the station we selected at the beginning of the patrol.

For example, my conservation area is called PNP, and the codes are BA for Baeza, and TE for Tena station.

What I would like to do is that when uploading the patrols, their name is already set as PNP_BA_00001 and PNP_TE_00001, for each station respectively.

The numeration can be also set automatically?



Under the menu “file”->“system preferences”, select the “ID Pattern Definitions” option on the left and then you can see all the supported options for automatic naming of patrols and Independant incidentes:

As you can see Station names are not there at the moment, so that is not currently an option. Only time, date and leader names are availabe at this time.

It is certainly possible to add this feature in the future. I will add a request into the ticketing system and reference this forum post. New features are selected based on priority and budget and that is up to the SMART parternship Councils, so I can’t tell you if or when it might be added at this point unfiortunately.

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I have the same question as all our patrols are linked to a three digit code. Like “OTT”
is there any way that i can link patrol id to the three digit code that we enter manually per sighting?

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Thanks @jeffloun, it will be great that when importing patrol data from SMART Mobile to SMART Desktop, it automatically sets the correct code based on the station.

Looking forward to that feature,

No you can’t do what you describe at this time. You can put “OTT” in EVERY patrol name, so that you get: “OTT-001”, OTT-002" etc. But you can’t have a variety of codes , e.g. “OTT”, “ABB”, “CAB” etc and choose which to use based on something that occurs on the patrol or patrol startup.

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Thx. Ill do manually !
hopefully a feature will come one day when it could be linked to different attribute.

Cool beans

Nice feature request coming from the users

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