Sudden deletion of SMART desktop - Asus TUF A15

Hi all,
A SMART user that I’m supporting rang me this morning to say that while he was logging into SMART desktop it crashed and the program seems to have been deleted entirely from his laptop. He has an Asus TUF A15 laptop. He’s been using SMART on this laptop for several months with no issues until this point. Luckily everything was recently synced to Connect so he hasn’t lost any data and can just re-download the CA but any insights into why this could’ve happened?

Hi Lisa,
Do you know what they’re using for antivirus software? If it’s particularly aggressive, it could have deleted SMART as an application that it thought was suspicious.

It very unlikely that the whole application could have been deleted. Smart doesn’t install like many applications. As Matt suggested, it might be that the .exe file that runs smart might have been deleted by antivirus. I would have the user look for the smart folder on his computer and see if it is still there. I always suggest placing smart directly into the root of the c drive so it is easy to find and to avoid problems with different user accounts.

Hi both, thanks so much for your responses. From further discussion it sounds like the .exe has been deleted - on trying to run SMART he was getting an error message about the .exe and the original file location being removed.
He uses McAfee antivirus software.
We haven’t been able to find any remaining sign of the SMART folder except for an old initial download zip file.
Thanks for your help anyway. I will pass on the recommendation of putting it on the C drive.

If you encounter issues like this is is also important to “whitelist” SMART (specifically the exe file) with your antivirus program.