The link to a mobile package from SMART Connect does not work, but there is a solution

Today, our team received an insignificant but very practical conclusion as a result of long and exhausting work - the link to a mobile package should be taken exclusively from SMART Desktop, and vice versa, the link to a mobile package should not be taken from SMART Connect - it is different and does not work. This is almost certainly an obvious bug.

The version of SMART Desktop we’ve been working with - 7.5.9.

Are you sure you are exporting and updating the package that you send to Connect? We are testing on our local smart Connect server and the links seem to be identical from Desktop and Connect in our simple tests.

If you could try to explain the work-flow or steps you take, it sounds like maybe you were able to reproduce this problem a few difference times. It could be a series of particular steps that cause it instead of the link just always being incorrect. Any more info you have would be great!

@jeffloun, thanks for the response.

I don’t see the way how the mistake could happen.

The first source where the URL to a mobile package can be grabbed is in the list of SMART Mobile Packages in SMART Desktop 7.5.9:

The second source for the same action is in the list of SMART Mobile Packages in SMART Connect

In both cases the mobile package name was SMART Collect Tree. Its name is unique. It was “exported to Connect” from SMART Desktop. The length of URL for both sources was 283 chars. The difference in the two URL string is observed in position from 142 to 158 only.

What has been done wrong or missed?