Time zone problems with SMART 7

Hi SMART team, we recently upgraded to SMART 7, and encountered an issue: when importing gpx files (from Garmin GPS) the waypoint time is automatically set to UTC in the reports. SMART 6 works fine, the time for each waypoint is set correctly to our time zone. It therefore really seems to be a problem of the SMART 7 desktop app.
Importin SMART mobile data into SMART 7 works well though. However, we need still handheld GPS for some patrols, therefore it would be good if this problem could be fixed soon, as we like SMART 7 better when working with SMART mobile…would not want to switch back to version 6 just because of the few GPS patrols.

Please let me know if you already working on the issue, and drop me a message if it is resolved.

Thanks a bunch!

Hi Alex,
Thank you for sharing this. This is a known issue with SMART 7, and the developers are working on a fix. Stay tuned for further updates in the forum.