Time zone problems with SMART 7

Hi SMART team, we recently upgraded to SMART 7, and encountered an issue: when importing gpx files (from Garmin GPS) the waypoint time is automatically set to UTC in the reports. SMART 6 works fine, the time for each waypoint is set correctly to our time zone. It therefore really seems to be a problem of the SMART 7 desktop app.
Importin SMART mobile data into SMART 7 works well though. However, we need still handheld GPS for some patrols, therefore it would be good if this problem could be fixed soon, as we like SMART 7 better when working with SMART mobile…would not want to switch back to version 6 just because of the few GPS patrols.

Please let me know if you already working on the issue, and drop me a message if it is resolved.

Thanks a bunch!

Hi Alex,
Thank you for sharing this. This is a known issue with SMART 7, and the developers are working on a fix. Stay tuned for further updates in the forum.

Hi @matt.hron. Is this already solved?

Hi Jackie,

I imagine this will come with SMART 7.5.7 which should be released soon.



Hey @Alex_Wyatt do we know which date approximately it will be realised?
I have been working on a conservation area in SMART7. I need to do a training about the tool in two weeks, and I just have found this issue. Do you think is it better to stay in version 6?

Thanks in advance

Yes, this fix will be included with version 7.5.7, which is currently in testing. I don’t know what the planned release date is yet.

For training purposes, I think it would be better to use SMART 7 and make note of this issue and upcoming fix.

Hey @matt.hron, can I have this new version for my training purpose?


Hi Alex and Jackie,
Can you confirm that you’ve been able to upgrade to SMART 7.5.7 and this issue is resolved?

Hi Matt, I have not yet had the opportunity to check myself but heard from the team that it works out alright now. Thanks a bunch! Best, Alex

Hey Matt,

Fortunately yes.