Trouble with 'Alerts' when creating Survey Package

Hi all,

We’re starting to play around with using the Ecological Records Plug in and we’ve hit an issue with trying to create a Survey Package. We’ve gone through the steps of Survey Design and now trying to create the Survey Package to export. All goes well until we get to the ‘Alerts’ tab where it doesn’t seem to be able to connect with the chosen Configurable Model. We have a message saying “Alerts are not supported for data model exports. You must use a configurable model if you want to use a configurable model if you want to use alerts with SMART.” and then the alerts panel reminds blank, citing “Not supported”. See screenshot attached. We haven’t had this issue with any of the patrol packages we’ve made. Can anyone offer any insights?


Hi Lisa,

I’m not sure that alerts are supported for Survey packages. The message you’re seeing (albeit slightly confusing) is because with Survey you are not able to define the configurable model in the package, only in the survey design, where we are not able to link alerts.

That said, I’m not so familiar with Survey so I will double check with my colleagues and hope to confirm shortly.



I do believe alerts are supported when using a survey package, but for Survey Designs that use a Conifigurable Model. When you create a new Survey Design you will get an option like this:

If you select “SMART Data Model” it uses the base, full data model and we can’t support alerts with that. If you choose any other defined configurable model, like"Config test 1" in my example, then you should be able to setup alerts on your mobile package as well.

Thanks, Jeff.

I actually tried this without success but I think it may be my particular server(s) having trouble rendering alerts. I will follow up with the team on this.

Lisa, please let us know if this works for you (i.e. creating the alerts in the configurable model).



Ah ok. I just made the Survey Design with a custom config model, then tested that new survey packages with that survey design selected allowed me to create alerts. I didn’t test actually running them in the field and making sure they are triggered etc but they should work.

It’s possible I’m using a newer version as well, I don’t think this stuff has changed recently, but you never know.


Hi Jeff and Alex, thanks for the help with this.
I’ve repeated the process, checking that we had chosen our Config Model in the survey design as per Jeff’s image and we get the same problem - same message and lack of alert options on the Alerts tab.
The issue is not really about the inability to use alerts because this isn’t something we want to make use of for this package/survey. However, the message has surprised me (because our survey design IS connected to a Config Model not Data Model) so I just don’t want this to cause issues with package export or data upload down the line.