Trouble with SMART Mobile on Ulefone Armor X8i

Hi there,
I’m having an issue with loading SMART Mobile onto a new device for a site. They have two new Ulefone Armor X8i phones and they are using SMART 6.3 so I have given them the SMART Mobile 320 apk file. We have loaded SMART Mobile successfully on one of the devices using this apk file and it works with no problems. When we loaded the apk file (through SMART Desktop, as with the first one) onto the second phone it appears in Files>Internal Storage as expected but when they click on it to install it gives the error message “You can’t install the app on your device”. I have changed the settings so that unknown apps are ‘allowed’ to be installed from Files and have looked for any other permissions settings that could be in the way but the problem persists.
Does anyone have any insights or experience with this phone that might assist?

Hi Lisa,

For 6.3, we recommend build 385. It is available here:

Could you see if this one maybe works?


Thanks, Justin, we’ll give that a go