Typing in SMART kiosk appears white on Samsung!

Hello all ,
I’m having a problem with new Samsung phones in kiosk mode. Please see the link above for a short (12s) that shows what happens.

When we open any text attribute and try to type the text is white, and only when we come out of that data input do we see the text!

This doesnt happen outside the app, only within SMART. We’ve got 10 brand new devices and its happening on all.

We cant download another keyboard because for Kiosk mode the devices cant have a Google account. We’ve tried all the other settings, dark and light modes, etc, but nothing solves this problem.

Anyone else encountering similar? Any ideas for solutions?


Hi Jess,

Could you see if enabling the dark theme has any effect? Thanks, this is just a diagnostic question, not a solution.


Thanks Justin, tried dark theme setting in SMART and made no difference, also tried dark and light theme on the phone itself, changing the font, changing the size and boldness of the text. No luck so far!

One last thing to try. Could you try changing the installed keyboard? Sometimes Samsung puts their own in, so you could try using GBoard.

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Hey @JessIsden,

I have just encountered the same issue. Have you solved it with Justin’s suggestion? or what did work for you?


Hi there,

It worked out for me! Thanks @justinsteventon