Unable to apply changes from smart connect

Hi guys I’m new to the smart program I’ve been managing the program for a year now doing quality checks, collecting data from the devices and syncing with smart connect since last 2 week I’ve been stuck in a situation I’m not familiar with for some reason I can’t figure out what is the problem I’ve been getting an unable to apply changes from smart connect table smart c incident link. I really need your help with this guys.

Hello Jose,
This means that some data (apparently something related to incidents) has been modified on the local desktop, which is in conflict with updates to that same data from Connect. Because the data on your desktop are in conflict with what is in Connect, it is unable to process those changes from Connect on your desktop.

The only way to resolve this is to decide which location (your desktop CA or Connect) has the most current data. The most straightforward way to address this is as described in the error message: delete your desktop CA then re-download it from Connect. In SMART 7 there is a ‘Replace CA with CA from Connect’ option under Connect > Advanced Options that makes this easier. It is important to note that you would lose any changes from your desktop that haven’t been synced yet, so you may want to export new that was added so you can re-import it after downloading the CA from Connect.

Alternatively, if your desktop CA is the most current and you don’t have any data in Connect you’re concerned about losing, you could go the route of deleting the CA from Connect, then re-uploading your CA to Connect. Typically, the first option of deleting your local CA and re-downloading from Connect is the preferred option.


Hi Matt thanks so much if i want to save the data that’s on the desk top on what folder would i find it?

Hi Jose,
The tools to export/import information are available in the SMART software and are specific to the content. For example, if you added a patrol that you don’t want to be lost when you refresh your desktop CA from Connect, you can go to Patrol > Patrol Data > Export Patrol and choose the patrol(s) you want to export. There are similar tools for exporting data for reports, queries, surveys, etc.

Thank you so much matt that was really helpful